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However, it is a challenging task to expand the market in Thailand and start your business from scratch. It is not only limited by environmental factors such as language, culture, and politics but also by market preferences, economic capabilities, and consumption habits. The influence of many factors. When a new product or brand enters Thailand, whether online sales or offline physical stores, there are high requirements for localization. 

Registering online store sales channels requires a Thai identity, and applying for a "MALL" flagship store has to be under the company's name. In-store operation and management, it is necessary to provide customer service in the local language, grasp the Campaign in a timely manner and participate in promotional activities, and regularly adjust promotional methods such as coupons. And report your company's income to the tax bureau every month according to the actual sales of the store to ensure financial compliance.

How to use social media advertising to expand your brand awareness? How to optimize marketplace ads to drive more clicks and sales? How to effectively manage and control the budget?


We can support and help you with these questions. We would like you to take fewer detours and save more opportunity costs.

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