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Thai police seized a large amount of "three-no" food imported from China, and nine people were taken away for investigation

At 1 pm on April 24, the Pathum Thani police in Thailand joined hands with the Science and Technology Crime Prevention Department to conduct joint law enforcement. Based on consumer reports, the law enforcement department raided a warehouse in Khlong Luang and seized more than 1,400 boxes of "three-no" foods suspected of illegal sources and without any information which imported from China, as well as a computer used for online sales. The operation resulted in the arrest of nine workers, including four illegally staying foreign workers and five local Thai workers. All of them are currently under further investigation at the police station.

Thai police

It is reported that the police began investigating after receiving complaints from consumers who bought snacks online and found that the products lacked necessary labels. After in-depth investigation, the police determined the storage location of the products and obtained a search warrant issued by the court on the 23rd, and then launched this critical raid. The police not only found a large number of "three-no" foods at the scene, including 19 types of products such as snacks, milk, instant noodles, etc., totaling 1,490 boxes, but also found computer data recording illegal trade activities.

At present, the police have sealed the warehouse suspected of illegal operation and seized all the products and items involved as evidence for the trial. At the same time, the police initially determined that the four foreign workers were suspected of engaging in illegal work and will file formal charges against them. The actual controller of the warehouse and the investor behind it are still being tracked down.

Thai police

Pathum Thani police stressed that the circulation of such "three-no" foods seriously threatens the health of consumers, and called on the public to be vigilant when shopping online and carefully check the legal labels and source information of the products. The police also promised to increase efforts to crack down on illegal and criminal activities in the field of food safety, ensure the safety of citizens' tables, and maintain the market economic order.

thailand illegal food import

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