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Wellion has traveled the path you are about to explore. Founded in 2020, the company has established and grown from the most difficult moment, and constantly explores business experience from practice. From 0 to 1, we are willing to help and share, to be the lighthouse in your commercial voyage, to provide you with various solutions, and to become the most reliable partner in your business development.

We provide a one-stop service. From business registration to sales channel management, import and export to online marketing advertising, and tedious sales tax declaration. Our services can ensure the compliance of your business in Thailand to the greatest extent. With reasonable prices, a professional service spirit, and a sincere heart-to-heart attitude, we will help your business develop steadily.


Market Consulting

Our professional team can have a keen insight into the Thai market, conduct research and analysis on market size, industry, and competitors, and provide a reference for your decision-making.

We assist you to quickly complete e-commerce company registration, value-added tax, and tax management solutions. Other license registrations for food, dietary supplements, cosmetics, etc. are also available.


Company registration, taxation, license services


E-commerce management

We can help quickly set up Shopee, Lazada, Shopify, and other stores and provide daily operation management, promotional activities, customer service response, warehousing, fulfillment services, etc.


Digital Marketing & Advertising

We create graphic or video marketing materials for you, manage and use your advertising budget on social media platforms such as Facebook and Tiktok. Our Douyin live broadcast room has professional live broadcast equipment available for use.


Supply chain, import & export,warehousing

We provide enterprises with a one-stop supply chain and import and export services at the best price. You only need to hand over the tedious customs declaration procedures, customs clearance, and package delivery to customers and focus on your business.


Localization service

You can entrust us to register trademarks for your brand and provide translation and localization services for your product and advertising materials quickly and accurately. Make your business promotion more accurate and quickly enter the Thai market.

What Can We do for you?

How can we help you in your business process? We will start with a market assessment to judge the demand for your products in Thailand to face more opportunities and challenges. We have a strict awareness of risk prevention and control and can ensure the compliance of various business links from multiple perspectives. Leave the complicated things to us because we understand the Thai market and the prevention of legal, regulatory, and policy risks better.

business structure

Look forward to working with you

Our business was established in the most challenging period in the world. We started from scratch and accumulated more than three years of experience. We are committed to serving small and micro businesses willing to invest in Thailand. We do not depend on other relationships and do not walk in gray areas. From the perspective of laws and regulations, provide support for business operations, ensure that every link of the company's operations complies with laws and regulations, and avoid risks encountered in the process of business development and operation management to the greatest extent. Our professionalism solves problems for every customer, just like treating ourselves once.


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96 Soi Phueng Mi 11 Yak 3
Sukhumvit Rd. Bangjak Phrakanong
Bangkok 10260

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+66 2-125-3262 
+66 931388665 

+86 18844083380

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